Spray Tanning

Stunning Spray Tanning

Be Prepared for Your Tanning Session

Prep is key!! For best results, we recommend our Kahuna Bay Sunless Exfoliator available at Just Cuz Beauty Boutique & Styling Squad. No lotion for three days prior to your tan. No body wash or deodorant the day of your tan. If you must shave use a BRAND new razor and water only and shave the day before. Any waxing should also be done at least 1-2 days prior to your tan. ZERO sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, shaving cream, etc. Exfoliate like CRAZY with our Kahuna Bay Sunless Exfoliator. You don't want the oils from other products on your skin...they will block the solution from working to its full potential. 

What to Wear

Whatever you are comfortable in...swimsuit, bra/underwear, just underwear or nude is fine too!! Just remember you will have tan lines for whatever you choose to wear! I don't recommend anything expensive as it may get on your clothes...it should wash out but there is no guarantee.

After Your Tan

It is best to wear dark, loose fitting clothes. It is recommended to wait 24 hours to shower after and avoid getting wet/sweating until your first shower. Best to do a quick rinse off before your first shower as well. Pat your skin dry after a shower, no scrubs or loofah in the shower for a week, only use brand new razors for shaving, lotions with no mineral oil (Aveeno doesn't contain any mineral oil).

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