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A Newbie's Guide To Building An Amazing Hair Care Regimen

You can't just wake up with a head full of gorgeous hair one day. Extra care, as well as the correct blend of products, is necessary. When it comes to hair care, having many very good products doesn't mean anything if they aren't suitable for your hair texture.

So, how can you be sure that what you're doing will be effective? The following advice will assist you in developing or improving your existing hair care regimen.

Invest some time in learning about your hair type

When the subject of hair type is brought up, usually straight and curly hair, as well as kinky and wavy, are perhaps the most common responses.

But it is not only the way a person's hair looks that determines what kind of hair they have. You must also consider your hair texture, density, elasticity, diameter, and porosity.

Organize your hair care products

For just about any hair care routine, the following items are essential:

  • A high-quality shampoo

  • Regular conditioner and a leave-in conditioner

  • Towels made from microfiber

  • Adjustable heat settings on a high-quality hairdryer

  • If your hair is naturally curly, you should use a diffuser

  • Hairstyling products

  • Brush with a paddle

Establish a schedule for washing your hair

Washing your hair well over three to four times per week is excessive. Your hair texture and level of physical activity will also influence this.

Your hair may become greasy more quickly due to perspiration and sweat accumulation if you work out regularly or use many hair products, so it's best to be versatile with your hair wash regimen.

Wash twice per week if you have dry hair, as a rule of thumb. It's ok to shampoo your thick or wavy curls twice a week, as this hair texture does not get as oily.

Washing your hair two to three times a week is recommended for women with oily hair and scalps.

Blow-dry and style your hair properly

Using non-microfiber towels to blot up extra moisture is not recommended.

Utilize a hair protective agent, then use a blow dryer or diffuser, and proceed as directed. Paddle or round brushes should be used to style the hair, depending on the desired outcome.

The beauty and quality of your hair can be preserved by minimizing the amount of time that it is exposed to high heat.

Outline your ideal appearance

Recognize your desired hairstyle and any current concerns you wish to address.

You should be aware that having multiple worries is absolutely natural. If it helps, take notes and give them to your stylist so they can come up with a custom hair care regimen just for you.

Extra tips for a great hair care regimen

You can use dry shampoo if you don't have time to wash your hair. You can also choose to use a hair mask and hair conditioning treatments if you have really dry hair or hair treated with chemicals. You can use a hair mask as frequently as you want.

If you need help crafting the perfect hair care regimen, visit us at Just Cuz to achieve all your hair goals today!


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