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5 Important Things to Know Before Your Next Hair Salon Visit

If you’re going on a salon visit, there are certain things that you must know. From salon etiquette to dos and don’ts, preparing yourself for the appointment is often as important as the actual hairdo.

If you plan to change your hair color or style, there are certain things to consider to achieve the exact effect you want. You must get it right, as good or bad hair can affect your self-confidence.

To avoid complications, here are some tips to help you make the best of your salon appointment:

Know your hair texture and face shape

Oval, heart, or square-shaped faces cannot all carry the same hairstyles. Additionally, not all hair textures are suited to various styles. For instance, thick, curly hair cannot recreate glossy locks. Rather, find inspiration from people with similar hair texture as you do.

Know the industry lingo

Before you go to the salon, you should understand exactly what certain terms mean before telling your stylist.

For instance, you shouldn’t simply ask for what’s trending. Rather, you should ask for what you want. Suppose you hear about styles like somber, babylights, and balayage and decide to go for them because they sound fancy. In that case, you could be disappointed if it turns out to be different from what you imagined- all because you didn’t understand the lingo.

This is why you should always…

Bring along photos

The more pictures you bring to the salon, the more options the stylists have, and the likelier they’ll be able to replicate the precise texture, color, and vibe you want.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always check out our Instagram page. Additionally, you should note that you may not get precisely what is shown in the photo, as your hair could be of a different texture. Nevertheless, the photos can still assist the stylist in choosing the best hair option for you.

Do some hair care routines at home

One way you can help your stylist in the salon to quickly achieve your desired hairstyle is to carry out some hair care routines at home. By using professional hair care products suitable to your hair type, you’ll get the desired effects.

Be honest

Your hair stylist will typically ask you questions regarding your hair history, such as the products you’ve used. Answering truthfully will help them understand what works best for you and what options are completely off the table.

You shouldn’t have to hope your hair turns out fine when visiting a hair stylist. By putting the tips above into practice, you and your hair stylist can work together for a finished look you’ll be delighted with!


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