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5 Big Reasons to Clean Your Lashes

Our eyes are like windows to our feelings, and pretty lashes make them look even better. However, lashes need to be taken care of regularly to stay healthy and look their best. 

Using mascara and extensions can make them look nice, but if you don't clean them properly, you might have issues with their appearance and your health. Here are five reasons why it's essential to make cleaning your lashes a regular part of your beauty routine.

Protect your eyes from tiny pests

Have you ever seen little white spots on your lashes? Those might be eyelash mites, super tiny bugs that live in the eyelashes, and they like dirty lashes. 

Although they usually don't cause much trouble, they can make your lashes irritated and swollen or sometimes even make them fall out. 

Cleaning your lashes regularly with gentle products removes dirt, oil, and dead skin, making it harder for these bugs to stick around. Just imagine having lashes that feel good and look super healthy!

To get rid of makeup and mascara

Mascara and other things you put on your eyes can stick to your lashes and make them heavy and messy, which blocks your pores and makes your lashes sick. This can make your lashes grow slower and weaker, and they can break easily or fall out.

Washing your lashes helps you get rid of makeup and mascara and keep your lashes healthy. Think about how nice it would be to have beautiful and full lashes you can show off!

Firmer adhesive bonding

With regards to lashes, adhesive bonding is everything. You definitely don't want to suffer the embarrassment of having your lashes fall off in public!

To avoid such unfortunate occurrences, it's essential to clean your lashes often. This way, the adhesive bonds attach firmly to your lashes and aren't hindered by any existing debris.

For your comfort

Dirty lashes are simply uncomfortable! Like any other unhygienic practice involving the skin, a lack of cleaning can cause irritation and itches due to sebum buildup.

So, ensure that your lashes are properly cleaned before you schedule your next appointment with your beautician. You'll be much more comfortable, and your lashes will feel blessedly light!

Make your extensions and falsies look better

If you like to use lash extensions or falsies, you need to clean them very well. Sometimes, dirt or oil on your eyes can reduce the strength of the glue that holds your extensions or falsies. This can make your extensions or falsies fall off sooner and make them look less pretty. 

If you wash your eyes often with a soft lash shampoo made for extensions, you can help them last longer and look nicer. 

Beautify your lashes with Just Cuz Beauty

Do you want your lashes to look healthy and pretty? Come to Just Cuz Beauty! We have many products for your lashes, like cleansers, shampoos, and brushes. 

It doesn't matter if you have natural lashes or extensions. We have gentle, effective products that are good for your eyes and make your lashes feel fresh and new.

Don't let dirty lashes stop you! Visit our studio now and see how a good cleanse can help. Book an appointment today.


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