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Wedding Hair Trends for 2022

Like clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, accessories, and hairstyles, different trends come and go. The wedding hairstyle is probably one of the important aspects of getting the bride ready for her big day.

Choosing a hairstyle that is comfortable and suitable for you is very important, but it won’t hurt to look at some wedding hairstyle trends for inspiration.

Over the years, there have been numerous wedding hairstyle trends, and some of the top wedding hairstyle trends to look out for in 2022 include:

Natural and curly

With the growing popularity of natural 4c hair, natural curls are soon to become the new bride's favorite. More women are getting more comfortable with their curls and the texture of their hair.

The natural hairstyle complements the simple and elegant wedding makeup perfectly, making it an ideal wedding hairstyle. Nothing is more classy than looking natural and classy on your special day.

Styling with elegant accessories

The traditional wedding veils are becoming less popular by the day, and brides embrace more beautiful and elegant options for hair accessories.

To this end, ornate hair bands and other classy hair accessories are gradually taking the lead in wedding hair styling. These accessories can be attached to braids, ponytails, buns and even worn on the crown.

Bangs for the win

The updo is probably the most common wedding hairstyle style and the longest-standing trend. However, brides are beginning to explore more options, and bangs are sliding into the picture.

With a variety of bangs styles to choose from like the curtain bangs and many others. Brides like how beautiful and easy to achieve this hairstyle is as opposed to the popular updo, where you have your baby hairs coming loose and looking messy.

Long and simple

Many brides are leaning towards just having their hair down their backs for their wedding. Away with the hair clips and hairpins, the hair is just styled to flow; it’s simple and elegant.

Many brides prefer to add clip-in extensions to this hairstyle because it makes the hair look more luxurious and doesn’t take much time to get done. Simply clip on the extensions and brush the hair, letting it flow back.

Wedding Veils

Some brides still rather go with the traditional veil on their wedding day. With new designs and ways of styling wedding veils, this trend may be here for a while.

Natural Highlights

This hairstyle has been around for a while but may get even more popular in 2022. Adding highlights to the bride’s hair will bring more life and make it stand out in the pictures.

These highlights are usually a shade or two lighter than the bride’s hair color, and they are added to every part of her hair to make her hair pop and stand out. Natural highlights add more depth to whatever hairstyle the bride decides to wear for her big day.

We’re all about making you look absolutely beautiful on your special day. If you’re having difficulty choosing a wedding hairstyle, Contact us at Just Cuz Beauty.


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