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How to Get Your Hair Full and Thick If You Have Short Hair

Full, thick, voluminous hair is very attractive.

You want the extra bounce that the fullness brings and the leeway to style your hair in many ways without the limitation of thinned or thinning hair.

If you have short hair, you’re probably struggling with getting it to lift, as it’ll tend to flatten out most of the time.

Not everyone with short hair has it thick and full from the base up. And, when it’s thin, it may be unappealing as flat hair can get tiring. You have fewer styling options, and it’s not as fine as when it's full.

Many people with short, thin hair understand the struggle of getting it to thicken. A lot of people have tried different remedies, to no avail.

Well, you needn’t look any further, as we’ve highlighted some helpful tips for you to add some much-needed volume to your hair.

Add some hair color

This is a weird-sounding solution, isn't it? After all, we’re talking about adding some volume to your hair.

But it’s true. Hair dyes thicken the hair shaft so that it appears to have increased volume, which is just what you need.

Highlights can make your hair appear fuller. And, when you include a couple of color shades, the contrast brings a much-needed dimension that makes your hair look thick.

Use the right shampoo

Using the correct shampoo type is an essential determinant of whether or not your hair is voluminous.

Your scalp produces its own natural oils that help to protect and perpetually moisturize scalp and hair. However, these natural oils have a disadvantage in that they make your hair look flat after a wash.

You should avoid thick shampoos formulated for equally thick hair. Instead, use dry shampoos. With them, your hair roots won’t be greasy anymore, and you can easily revive its fullness and thickness.

Don’t go too hard on styling foam

The overt use of styling foam is another reason why achieving that voluminous hair you want is so difficult. The formulation has gluey properties that make your hair heavier.

If you have thin hair and want to make it more full, apply minute amounts of styling foam with each use. You don’t need as much of it as you think.

Adjust your hair parting

Rather than applying the usual center parting, you should adopt a different approach. For instance, a sideways parting, low side parting, or a zig-zag is ideal.

You can even do away with the partings altogether. It’s a simple trick, but it works wonders in adding thickness to your hair roots.

Don’t go heavy on the conditioners

As your hair is thin, it’s very likely to tangle and knot. To remedy this, you’re advised to use light, volumizing conditioners rather than the thick, creamy ones formulated for thick hair.

In addition, you might want to consider applying the hair conditioner before shampooing your hair because some brands of the former leave residues on, which you have to eliminate with a thorough shampooing.

Also, as you use the conditioner, apply it to just the lower two-thirds of your hair rather than right down to the scalp. If you don’t, you’ll only be flattening your hair more.

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