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Going on a Beach Trip? Here Are Some Hair Care Tips

Don’t we all love going to the beach?

The feeling of the warm sunshine on your face as you soak in the sunny goodness, along with the cool breeze and the wash of salt spray on your skin, is enough to reinvigorate your body and soul.

However, the activity is fraught with its own risks, the least of which is sunburn.

If you’re not careful enough, you can return from a beach trip with worse hair than you had before you set out.

Here are some choice hair care tips for you:

Use a coconut oil hair mask

After a day out having fun on the beach, the ideal solution to hair dryness is to use natural, organic hair care products, the best of which is coconut oil.

It’s a great post-sun hair mask, and you should apply it after each day at the beach. Ensure that you slather it generously into your hair, wrap it in towels and leave it on for as long as required.

Afterward, you can wash it out. The result is finely-scented, sleek, silky, revitalized hair ready to go for another 24 hours in the beach sun.

Its application isn’t restricted to post-beach periods, as you can apply it when you’re on the beach. It protects your hair from chlorine in the sea and the harsh sun’s rays, limiting their damaging impact.

Don’t get your hair wet more than necessary

This sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? After all, a considerable part of the reason why you’re going to the beach is to enjoy a deep dive- in other words, get your hair wet.

However, if hair care is essential to you, you’ll be careful to mind how many times you submerge your hair in the heavily salty water.

Plus, the effects are doubly damaging if you’re immersing altogether dry hair- the latter is particularly chlorine-sensitive.

As a result, you should…

Wet your hair with normal water

By dampening your hair using plain water, you give your hair added protection against the destructive impact of chlorinated water, as your hair strands will absorb it less than they would if it was completely dry.

Apply the right hair products before getting into the sun

Hair nourishment is essential before exposing your hair to the sun. And the right hair care products can help you with this.

Hair lotions and leave-in conditioners will also help moisturize your strands while you go swimming.

Don’t use shampoos with sulfates

If you go ahead to use shampoos with sulfates, you run the risk of getting your hair dried out. Dried hair in the summer is a hair-death-wish.

Coupled with saltwater, you’re certainly not doing yourself any favors when you use the wrong shampoos.

Instead, use shampoos without sulfates, most of which are plant-based, for healthy hair.

Use shower filters

Saltwater is hard water, that is, water loaded with minerals. These minerals and residues get into your hair after swimming at the beach, making your hair lose its luster.

Using a shower filter, you can keep your hair healthy and protected. Book an appointment today to get the best hair care treatments.


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