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Everything You Need to Know About Balayage

Hair styling can enhance your looks in more ways than one. With the right style, you can achieve various beautiful looks and boost your self-confidence, no matter what you're wearing. The balayage hair-styling technique is popular for its highlight feature, and is similar to the effect achieved by another style, the ombre. Balayage highlights can be applied throughout your hair.

What is balayage?

Contrary to a common misconception, balayage is not a look itself. It’s a technique, where the process of adding highlights is done without foil like traditional highlights. It is often compared to the natural effect of the ombre style. Although Balayage is a beautiful style, the conditions have to be right for it to look good on you.

Is Balayage right for you?

Many women make the error of thinking that the style is only for people with long hair. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Even with a pixie crop, you can achieve a stunning Balayage. Although many of the people you probably see on TV sport their Balayage blonde, the style is equally great with any type of hair color, whether black, brown or red.

What exactly is Balayage? A technique or a color?

Balayage is a blend of both. That is, it's a hairstyling color technique that applies highlights that are blended at the roots, bright around your face, and light at the ends. It is about achieving the right color blends to suit your face, hair length, and texture.

How does a stylist achieve Balayage?

The stylist uses a painting technique known as the "C-motion" that uses more arm than wrist movement. The brush is held at an angle that allows the stylist to apply the product in a crescent-like motion. The product is painted on without foil around the hair stands, while the lightening becomes gradually denser further down so that the hair tips are the lightest.

What's the difference between Balayage and highlights?

Traditional highlighting is the more conventional method to add depth and lightening effects to your hair. Balayage is achieved via sweeping color onto the hair surface, while highlights use aluminum foil to saturate the precise hair strands. Additionally, a Balayage starts midshaft, while highlights are applied from your hair roots to the tip.

How can you maintain your Balayage?

Although a Balayage allows for fewer salon visits spread well apart, you should be aware of some maintenance tips between salon appointments, to ensure that your hair is healthy and the color looks great at all times.

First, it's ideal to do some hairline or gloss touchup, to enhance the toning and maintain its brightness. You should also note that the hair ends can quickly get saturated, and thus dry faster. Here, moisture shampoos, conditioners and protective hair oil can come in handy.

Achieve a beautiful Balayage today

Such a delicate hair style typically requires an equally deft styling hand to achieve. If you have loose curls, or tousled hair, JustCuz Beauty Salon can help you achieve a perfect Balayage. Our hair stylists are experienced, friendly and devoted to helping you achieve the perfect look. Book an appointment today.


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