All About Just Cuz Beauty Boutique & Styling Squad

Hello! Ashley here - thanks for visiting my website! I’m so excited to introduce you to my styling squad and my brand new studio salon located in the gorgeous AND historic downtown Stillwater, MN! I’m truly looking forward to seeing everyone here! But first, a little about me......

Since I was much younger, I have always dreamed of owning my own salon, never thinking though one day I would also be designing AND building the salon of my dreams! It is an amazing experience and it really is a dream come true. I have been styling hair and playing with makeup for as long as I can remember (over a decade) - it’s my happy place! I have such passion for this industry and even more passion making people look and FEEL beautiful! 

Just Cuz was founded in 2011. It started as a mobile company that traveled on-site to various events to perform hair and makeup services in the location the client chose! THIS was amazing and people loved it! It quickly grew in popularity, specifically among a lot of brides! I knew the next step would be to offer a place for people to also come to ME (if on-site wasn’t their thing). 

​In February of 2015, I found the new home of Just Cuz Beauty Boutique & Styling Squad and it took us the entire year to design and plan and build my masterpiece! It will be a full-service salon offering everything you are used to in a traditional salon atmosphere, but a whole lot more! You will be coming for the “experience!” We have worked hard on every single detail to make your visit and appointments so enjoyable! Speaking of detail work, pictured above is my adorable family! Tim, my hubby, has been the driving force behind this project. He really made all of this possible, he worked at the salon every day (7 days a week) for literally almost 6 months. It was important for us to show our kids that hard work and determination can pay off in a big way. So we did a HUGE portion of all the work ourselves. Our kiddos were at the job site as much as possible with us while we worked and tried to juggle being parents and enjoying family time! The pack 'n play had a permanent spot at the salon for many months! Our oldest Olivia (8) always asks when she gets older if she can come work there! The most beautiful little question for my ears! Harper (3) and our littlest Averie (1) are too young to fully understand what we are doing and the crazy adventure we have taken on, but they see us working, and they see things happening in front of their very own eyes, and that it amazing to watch! We have documented the entire thing and someday
we will show them everything it took to create what I like to call, my 4th baby!! I am SO excited to see all of you beautiful people in here soon!!

Call Just Cuz Beauty Boutique & Styling Squad at 651-342-0537 or visit us in person at 123 Second Street North in ​Stillwater, MN.
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